Leiden University Medical Center

Internationally renowned biomedical research institute incorporating all activities of the Medical Faculty of Leiden University as well as its University Hospital.

The LUMC is one of the leading centres in the Netherlands with respect to stem cell transplantation and solid organ transplantation. The LUMC produces over 100 PhD thesis and 1800 publication annually. Each year the LUMC welcomes many visiting scientists and foreign PhD students, offering a top notch and inspirational environment for scientists and clinicians alike.

The LUMC, which employs nearly 7000 people,
is one the few academic medical centres in the Netherlands where the core activities include fundamental research. The interaction between fundamental research and patient care forms the basis of its success. LUMC has a major scientific role as a tester of new and existing medical technologies.


Prof. dr. Frank Staal

Project Coordinator and Principal investigator

Prof. dr. Arjan Lankester

Project Coordinator and Principal investigator

dr. Anita Ordas

Project Manager