Ludwig Maximilians University

Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU)

The Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital is part of the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) Munich and among the largest and most experienced clinical pediatric centres in Germany with a strong and dedicated focus on rare immune disorders. A particular focus is placed on stem cell transplantation and disorders of innate and adaptive immunity.

The translational research institute has a broad research experience in hematology, immunology, structural biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, proteomics, virology and bioinformatics. Moreover, we aim to use cell- and gene-based methodologies to develop innovative therapeutic strategies for children with identified monogenetic variants of PID.

The Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital is running a pediatric SCT program specialized in the treatment of PID carrying out about 15 PID transplants/year, equalling 15-20% of all PID transplants in Germany.

Furthermore, it is the co-ordinating unit for German Research Networks for primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID-net).


prof. dr. Michael Albert

Principal Investigator